Hello from Kyoto!

It has been pretty warm at daytime around 25℃ though I know winter is coming quite soon.

The other day, I got some days off and went to Tokyo with my co-worker Shizuka.

Our plan for Tokyo was going to Shin-Okubo (little korean town).
It is getting popular for middle aged women about Korean dramas and idols as like my mom.
Unfortunately, I'm not much into the idols though I do love Korean food.

That is fabulous for sure ! I love Higashi kujo(little korea) which is in J-Hoppers Kyoto as well.

Most of my firends are in Tokyo, then we did a kind of small reunion at one of Korean restaurant. It was so much fun with talking about resent life and girls stuff.

We did not have enough time to talk !!! That's how girls like chatting :)

After that fun night, I went back my hometown.
Every time I see Mt. Fuji, I feel like home sweet home.
I miss it deeply which means I could do my best here in Kyoto.

Ciao ! :)


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