A day to Fukui

Hi ,I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama. I went to Fukui prefecture last month. What is Fukui famous for ? Eiheiji temple and Toujinbo are ones of the famous places to visit. Eiheiji, the "temple of eternal peace" is one of Soto Zen's two head temples and ranked most influential Zen centres in the world . It is located deep in the mountains, not far from Fukui City.

Tojinbo is on the coast about 25km northwest of Fukui and a series of interesting and bizarre cliffs on the sea of Japan.

Tojinbo is also a well-know place to commit suicide.According to statics 25 people commit suicide annually

When I went there ,I didn't feel that way. Tojinbo is very peaceful place

Since motorway between kanazawa and Takayama was completed 5years ago ,you can travel to northwest easily. I am so happy to travel to any place I haven't been to .I am wondering where I am going to next.


dAvE said…
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dAvE said…
Hi there,
Any cheap places to stay in Fukui? I am planning to go to the Dinosour Musesum and thinking to stay there one day. Bust can't find a cheap bed there though. Suggustions?


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