It's Autumn!!!

I had a great time last weekend!!

There are a lot of things to do around here.

I enjoyed Food, Sake, Festival, Onsen and Autumn leaves:)

⇒Go driving to Hirayu!!
⇒Choshi waterfalls
⇒Hirayu Onsen
⇒Natural Onsen, Hirayu Folk Village

⇒I went to "Doburoku festival" at night.
⇒Lion Dance!!
⇒Doburoku is kind of sake, the yeast is still alive:)

These are the pictures of
"Lion dance and food festival in Kamioka"

⇒Japanese Drum!!
⇒Lion dance from Toyama
⇒He gave me so many candies:)

⇒Near Shinhotaka no yu
⇒Mountain view footbath
⇒Autumn leaves!!

⇒Shinhotaka Ropeway
⇒That way!!
⇒He pointed this mountain, Mt.Nishihotakadake!!
⇒Sunset from observation deck

It's still not too late for enjoying Autumn leaves,

Please come to Takayama and let's enjoy day trip!!


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