Kanazawa trip !!

I went to Kanazawa to see exhibition last weekend.

I stayed 2 days in Kanazawa.

⇒ Or-ita is the name of the tool to bend cardboard

⇒It looks like The Leaning Tower of Pisa
(Artist:Makoto Orisaki)

⇒The cow is made of cardboard

The exhibition was great!!

I also enjoyed Kanazawa town:)

At the Ohmicho-market

⇒You need to try fish if you go to Kanazawa, so Fresh!!

⇒I found "okara" doughnut!!
( Okara is Grounded soybean curd)

At the Higashi Chaya District

Chaya means Geisha-house in Japanese

⇒There are lot of shops here.

I found nice cafe at Kazue Chaya area.

At Cafe Tsuchiya

⇒You can enjoy sweets with Wajima
Lacquer ware.

⇒He is the owner:) He renovated old tea house.

⇒Beautiful river view from second floor.

Big Map

⇒You can find information about cute Machiya style cafe and shop.

⇒I stayed "Pongyi" guest house, and made
cranes with guests

⇒It is called "Hanton rice" , the local food in Kanazawa

As Kanazawa can be reached in 2h 30 min by bus from Takayama,

so many visitors drop in after visit to Takayama.


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