The Kannonsho temple

Yesterday we visited another temple of our pilgrimage : the Kannonsho temple in Azuchi city (Google map) near lake Biwa. You can go to Azuchi by train from Kyoto using the Biwako line in 50mn. It costs 740 yen. From the station there is a nice hiking course up to the temple in the mountain. It's not very difficult but some part in the woods are quite steep and it takes 5h30, without visiting the Azuchi museum and the castle ruins. You can see the hiking course we followed here :,0x60017eaba3e13773:0x27b90de8555238f0,0&msa=0&msid=211452046396621152072.00049f5ff9eb81a3dedc6&z=15">,0x60017eaba3e13773:0x27b90de8555238f0,0&msa=0&msid=211452046396621152072.00049f5ff9eb81a3dedc6&z=15

Here comes some photos :

The mountain from Azuchi city, around 400meters high.

There was a lot of insects, in particular a lot of manta.

This guy seems to have a very difficult life ...

The main hall of Kannonsho temple. The legend says Kannon appeared here as a mermaid. Inside you can see an impressive statue of Kannon with all of her 1042 hands, made of rare Indian tree.

The course is easy to follow, except when you go out of the temple (when you hike the itinerary anti-clockwise). The road out of the temple leads toward a parking, but you have to get out of the road and enter a very small path in the wood approximately halfway between the parking and the temple. There is a small board but not easy at all to see.

This one was making beautiful sound by vibrating his wings.

The second half of the hike is blessed with a permanent view on lake Biwa (on the foreground) and lake Nishinoko (the "small" one in the middle). Ensure to hike the course anti-clockwise or you will loose the best part.


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