Hola. buongiorno!

I have just finished 24. it's an American TV show as its popular.
it took me forever to finish but I could enjoy it.
Jack Bauer is such a nice guy and maybe stronger than American troop itself(if you watch last 2 episodes, maybe you can agree with me) but people around him are so trashy! always betray him or they turn out to be terrorists!

season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7: watched in Italian
season 5, 6 and 8: watched in English.

I promised myself that after i'm done with 24, I'll start studying spanish because my goal this year was to become fluent in Spanish. I'm such a quitter but I'm gonna try it again.

mm I dunno what to write but I'm excited about three things that I'm gonna do this year. first, go watch autumn leaves. second, snowboarding at the top of mt Rokko with my local friends and travel in Thailand.

2011 was surely a good year!!


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