Autumn in Kyoto

Hello !

It has been pretty cold in Kyoto these days.
However, this time of the season is very popular for Autumn leaves in Kyoto.

You've probably heard once about Kyoto leaves.

I've visited some temples last my day off. They were adrable!!!
I'll show you some pictures.


(for night lit up)

I'm sure it worth to see them for this special season.
The lit up will be open till 4th Dec. 2011.

If you have a chance to come to Kyoto, I would highly recommend to visit both temples.

Ciao !


katie said…
when is the leave falling can be view in Kyoto or Osaka?? Mid of the nov??
katie said…
may i know when i can view the leave falling in Kyoto or Osaka?? mid of the nov?

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