We went to Europe last month, to visit my family in France and have fun in London.

We've been welcomed by Mom's delicious food. Here, some 'gesier de canards' with potatoes and salad.

The next day we visited a cheese factory. Look at these thousands of cheese 'livarot' waiting to be eaten ! It's also sometimes called 'colonel' as the army rank. That's because five blades of grass are put around it, giving the aspect of the french army colonel insignia.

This was my grand parents' house. It's the last time I could see it. Three days later it's been sold.

It was first time I could meet my first niece, Elea.

Then we moved to London. The architecture of the city is very interesting. Buildings are colorful and refined.

The London Tower Bridge. Main tourist attractions are located in the right center of the city. But this bridge is a little bit farther in the east. This district has a completely different atmosphere, so it was still interesting to visit. It's easy to go from a tourist spot to another by bus, and I recommend enjoyed the top of two storied bus, and using a one day pass for bus and subway.

The famous Big Ben...

... and English Parliament. It's a very beautiful and old building next to the Thames.

Eating in England is definitely an adventure, but at least we wanted to try the famous Fish&Chips. Even if it's been amazingly hard to find, we finally found one in middle of nowhere, with the most beautiful view on the Thames, parliament and Big Ben. If you wish to enjoy this perfect spot, here comes the location.

We wanted to visit Westminster Abbey, but didn't knew it was closed on Sunday. Very disappointing. Instead we went to London Eye. The top of it is really high, the view is spectacular !


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