How to be a photographer...

When the cold season comes, I feel like reading books written by Michio Hoshino.
This adventure-hearted Japanese photographer used to live in Alaska for 20 years.
He died at the age of 44 (1996), because of being attacked by a bear at Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

The autumn leaves took long time to change their color this year in Kyoto.
People have been anxious about if they never will turn the color so much.
The online information has been up-dated every single day by a tourist bureau.
We could make collection of photographs with beautiful autumn leaves,
however still not be able to make them change to beautiful color for it.

Michio Hoshino traveled for 3000km to shoot the photos of a group of caribou for 1 month just by himself.
He just waited the time they come.
Some year they came and other time they didn’t.
He just traveled with his camera and tent even it is minus 50 degrees.

My mother and I visited one temple famous for autumn leaves the other day.
We made a big queue to see the leaves for long long time.
We were even not sure if we were making a queue for right place or not.
We just hold a camera and waited the time we could take one shot with leaves.
We made it finally, fortunately, with not only leaves but also many tourist (mostly old ladies) behind us.

The winter is coming. The wind gets colder and colder day-by-day.
This year's 'The winter slostice (Toji)' is Dec 22nd. From that day the hours of sunlight is longer even we will have the coldest time after that.


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