J-hoppers Osaka Halloween Party!

We had a Halloween party this year!
Staff dressed up as below, we had a lot of fun!

The left is Kyohei, middle is Nori , right is free-accommodation staff, Jose.
Their hats are very nice, especially Jose, ha ha!

This is real Jose. You are a tiger, but looks rabbit. ( Pretty!) I gonna bite you ! haha

The left is me, middle is Aya , right is Nori.
J-hoppers Girls staff♪

He is Mr Yano, one of our staff.
Do you think he looks like a chef? He has never cooked ever. He pretend it just as Halloween! haha

We have a lot of fun like this. Please join our Christmas party on 23rd of December!
Welcome to J-hoppers anytime :) Thank you!


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