Hello this is Minasyo from little bit chills Kyoto
I can't stop sneezing at this moment...:-)
It' s getting winter now!!

The other day I went to Saiho-ji temple with our guests.
The temple is commonly known as "Koke-dera."
The garden is very famous for its luxuriant mossy growth.

The mossy green and the maple red made a nice contrast. I think one of the best season to visit for the Saiho-ji now.

Saiho-ji is declared a World Heritage site.

If you want to visit there you must need reservation in advance.
By e-mail ? By phone ?... No, you have to make it by reply-paid postcard at least one week before the date you require (and include your details name, number of visitor, address in Japan).

Saiho-ji (西芳寺)
fee : 3000yen
access : #28 Kyoto bus from Kyoto station


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