Wasyoku (Japanese Cuisine) Seasonal delights at Mikaki Sou..


Now we were lucky enough to get two free meal tickets to this wonderful culinary experience. All the best the autumn has to offer. From the ripest Kaki, Kuri and seasonal fish, to a plate that looked as pleasing on the eye as it was on the pallet.

Now I am a sucker for sushi, and this was what it is all about. I think that if we were to have poured water onto the plate, the fish would have sprung into life and tried to make a swim for it. It really was that fresh.

I really enjoyed this place and would recommend going there to all of my friends. Its very hard to find good restaurants now-a-days, but they have gone a long way to restoring my faith in food. Its all about the freshness of the seasons. There is no need to fly you food thousands of miles just to save and few yens. Especially not when you have to sacrifice on the flavor. For the ultimate Washoku experience, look no further.


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