Final sprint of 2011

It has been pretty fast day by day in Dec.
I don't do much things though, time blows so quick.

Did you see on News about Kanji( a word) of this year? It was KIZUNA (bond).
It was announced at Kiyomizu Temple. They make one Kanji every year.
What do you think about yours?

The other day, I was doing a walk which my hobby these days since last a few weeks.
It makes me sometimes isolated , but good to think myself as fresh as I could.
I was thinking what I've done this year such as a personal growing stuff.
Well, I've realized that I haven't done anything special for me.

It might be only in Japan that we care of New Years holidays.
Everyone make a wish for next year ,and eat plenty of rice cakes.YUM!

Thus, I already made up my big wish for next year !!!!
I strongly hope my wish will be true.

Anyways, I've met a lot of guests in J-Hoppers Kyoto.
That was all memorable things for me. Thank you very much !
I hope everyone have a happy Merry Christmas and New year with your special one !



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