Go for Takao Area

Hi this is minasyo from Kyoto!!

Yesterday, I went to salsa bar in Kyoto kiyamachi sanjo 'EL COYOTE' with J-Hoppers guest.
I'm ashamed to say, I couldn't step the salsa basic steps...
They have free lesson on Friday night(20:00~). I should go to the lesson until the next Kaomise Kabuki season(?).

Autum leaves season still goes on in Kyoto !?

The other day,I went to Takao(northwest side of Kyoto city) to see the autum leaves.
I went to some temples Kozanji, Saimyoji and Jingoji. the highest season had passed but it is still good !! I took some photos and update here !!

No.01 #Kozanji- Temple They have a national treasure Chouju-giga(鳥獣戯画図)
No.02 #Saimyoji-temple is well-known for Autum leaves.
I couldn't take a photo, but they show me a very nice Kannon statue.It is worth seeing!!

No.03 Jingoji-temple This temple sit on the top of the mountain.... I advice you that you should go there first with your full energy...They also have lots of national treasures. they show you those statues like a comic hero's figure in your Otaku friend's room :-).
(So sorry, I couldn't show you the statues photo, too...)

On this autum leaves season at Takao is almost over...but without leaves I recommend you to go up to Takao. Takao area is worth a trip anytime. When you go up, you should buy a reasonable ticket 'Takao free pass' at JRKyoto station. The cost is ¥800 for the round-trip.


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