Thank you a lot!!

It was my last day of J-Hoppers Osaka yesterday.

It has been 4 years already since I started working as an opening staff,but I can't believe it past so quickly.
It's just because I've had so much fun there,to meet tuns of nice people, to try a lot of new things..

I can't finish writing this blog if I start telling about all guests who I met,everyone has stories and they are all my precious experience.

I left from J-Hoppers Osaka, but I and my husband will open our guesthouse in Matsuyama, Shikoku in early spring 2012, so please come and visit us!!(Please ask Osaka's staff for the details;)

I apology that I can't say "thank you" in person to everyone, but I do hope to see you all in the near future.

Hope everything is ok with everyone, and have a happy New Year!!


Anonymous said…
we stayed with our children at J hoppers (Kanters family from Australia,Pieter,Jayne ,Nick and Anneka) We often think of you and remember your smiling face.We will visit you one day

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