Welcome Back Everyone!

Only 2 more nights till 2012!
I cannot believe how fast 2011 passed by. I hope everyone had a great year :)

Since the winter holidays began, we have been having familiar faces at J-Hoppers Hiroshima these weeks! I am so happy to see them all again and having so much fun!

Paul from Australia↓↓
His first stay at J-Hoppers Hiroshima was 4 years ago, then he came back in winter in 2009. He was supposed to be back last spring, so it was so good to see him after 2 years! He loves Karaoke as always.

Reece from Australia↓↓
He stayed with us a couple moths ago, then he went to Osaka and Kyoto for about a month. Then he came back to spend this Christmas and New Years with us in Hiroshima! He is a crazy and easy (lazy) guy. :P I know you love us!

Tarro from England (middle) and Miyoko (right)↓↓
Tarro stayed this hostel during the same period as Paul 4 years ago. At that time, there were some guests stayed at hostel most of their time in Hiroshima, so Paul and Tarro made up a "Team Lazy" with some other guests. So it was a small reunion. :)

Miyoko used to work here at J-Hoppers Hiroshima when they were staying. She lives in Australia now, but she is back to visit her family during the holidays. She is so much fun and enjoyed having her as always!

Ethan from the USA↓↓
He stayed with us for a long time this past summer. He has lived in Japan for 5 years and he speaks fluent Hiroshima Ben (Hiroshima dialect!) He lives in Tokyo now but he works an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima just for the holiday seasons.

We had so much fun together last weeks!!!

I will be looking forward to seeing you guys soon again!
Thank you for coming back!


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