the ideal housewives

Greetings from behind the computer at quiet J-Hoppers Kyoto’s lobby.

It has been a while turned New Year, 2012.
We have put up decorative pine trees at the gate (called ‘Kadomatsu’). It is almost seasoned and that means St. Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

We have received new night staff here in J-Hoppers Kyoto since end of December.
She is the lady of ‘ the ideal housewives’.
Firstly she is young and pretty. Second, she is good at cleaning (Her bed is always neat and tidy.) And most importantly, she is a super talented chef!

She cooked;
・ soba noodles with fried vegetables for New Year’s eve
・ fresh spring roll (Goi cuon in Vietnamese)
・ Japanese style pilaf (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients)
・ Miso soup
・ Spaghettis
・ Sandwiches (better than Subway’s ones) and so on…

Before the cherry blossom season comes, we will put on our weight. I’m sure.

Talking about the food, I tried Kyoto style soup with rice cakes (Ozouni) for the first time for this New Year’s days. The soup is cooked with white miso while other regions’ soup made with red (dark) miso. It is sweeter and milder.

When you visit to Kyoto, please try white miso Ozouni and dishes cooked by our new night staff!


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