Hello from freezing Kyoto !

What have you thought about this title?

We had a sports day with J-Hoppers Kyoto, Osaka ,Kyoto Hana Hostel staff
and some friends yesterday.

We did Futsal at Futsal square in Kyoto.
It was my first time to play futsal though, I had so much fun.
I guess most of them have got muscle ache in a day or more !!
I'm having a moderate aches today...

You'll see what we have done on pictures↓↓

First, warm-up!

Then , Mr. J made up 2 teams.

Now, here we started~♪

It was our first time to play sports together!
This was so virginal time as you could see smiles of all.
Hopefully, we often could keep doing this kind of events with
some other guests once a month.



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