Shimane one day trip!!

Hi there!this is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima !!

The other day,I took a one day off and went bak home to meet my parents.
When I got bach home,my mum said"I made a reservation for one day trip to tour to Shimane!"

So I went to Shimane with my family.We left home around 6:30(so early!) and hop on the bus ,then going to Shimane.

Around 12:00,we arrived "Hawai Onsen place"I don't know why its called Hawai, but there were so many onsen placed and hostls.
But there were nt so many people there.It must be a resort place but it was so quiet.
(Maybe it was winter....)

At a japanese styke Ryokan, we had a really nice luch,I had crab hot pot,crab sashimi,crab tempura,and crab resotto....So many crab deshes!!Everything were so yummy!

After kunch,we went Chinese Garden whis is calles Encho-en.
We watched chinese acrobatic show.
It was fun and nice!!

If you have a chance to visit Shimane,why don't you go there??


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