Trip to Beppu and Hakata

What the best thing in winter time in Japan is to soak and get relaxed in an Onsen (hot spring.) Beppu in Oita is one of Japan's Three Great Hot Springs. I went there for a new year's trip a couple weeks ago. It is a small town and you see steam of hot spring everywhere.

It is also famous for it's visually stunning hot springs (The Hells of Beppu).
The hells are too hot to be diluted into Onsen, and they emerge at temperatures ranging from 50 to 99.5 °C (122 to 210 °F). Look at those colors! Some of the hells have a natural smell of sulfur.

Here is how to make "Hot Spring boiled eggs."

There are some crocodiles too! Surprise!

I visited Hakata sity in Fukuoka on the second day.

Kushida shrine lies at the heart of old Hakata, the centre of the old city and is from here that the competitors in Fukuoka's most famous festival, the Yamagasa depart on their long early morning run. It was a nice small shrine to visit.

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum was very interesting.

And enjoyed the good city view from Fukuoka tour.

Then had some yummy Hakata Ramen of course!!

It was great fun visiting those diferent cities!
I would love to come back again!


crown lanta said…
The color of those hot springs look interesting. I wonder how you can tell if they are infested with crocodiles. These pictures made me miss my trips there in japan.

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