Cooking school at J....?!

Hello from Kyoto.
It's been warmer last a few days, but today is freezing cold again :(
When is the spring coming?

Even it is still cold outside, I already could feel hay fever these days.
So, I don't like to go out to have pollen dust.

In that time, I always have fun at home doing something.
I like cooking with girls or doing alone for days off recently.

It makes me stress release as much as I do cooking and eating :p

The other day,
me and J-Hoppers Kyoto new staff Saori have made Pizza at J-Hoppers Kyoto.
(since I don't have a big oven at home)

Saori is a good cook. She made wonderful dough.
I put ingredients whatever I want on top of the dough.

Then... into the OVEN !!!

While we were baking, we had a strange shooting time as most of
Japanese girls like to do.( Should I say "some"?)

Even other staff (Kalie-chan) was working at the reception,
she came up ,and made us fun with this funky posing.

I think we did such a great job with this.
They were all YUMMY!

We gave those to our guests. They also said YUM! That was great to hear that :)

We'll try to cook some other international cuisine. Anyone want to join?
Let's have fun.

Ciao !


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