Hiroshima specialities!

Hello there, this is Masa from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
Japan is hit by a cold wave this winter. It snows a lot in Hiroshima as well. I heard the cold wave will stay for another few weeks...!

Oh well, the good thing in winter time is it is the oyster season! We have the biggest oyster farm in Japan and many oyster festivals are held in various locations in Hiroshima between January and February. Miyajima Oyster Festival is coming this weekend. Hiroshima's biggest and oldest oyster festival attracts huge crowds looking for raw and cooked oyster dishes at very cheap prices. ( You can try Oyster Miso Soup, Oyster Ramen and Oyster Okonomiyaki etc.)

You can have the fresh oysters in winter, but you are able to have oysters all year around on Miyajima island. And my favorite oyster restaurant is "KAKI-YA" on Omotesando street. I think they serve the best oysters on the island! Their special "Kaki-ya teishoku" (lunch set) is the best option if you want to try all the oyster menu from this restaurant. (This special lunch set is not even on their menu list!!!)

You would get grilled oysters, deep fried oysters, marinated oysters and oyster miso soup on this lunch set. The price is 2oooyen but even a deep fried oyster lunch set costs 1500yen, so I think it is pretty reasonable. If it is not so pricey for you, you should definitely try it!

We also have a very famous specialty in Hiroshima, of course it is OKONOMIYAKI!
There are some good Okonomiyaki restaurants around J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
I hope you enjoy the yummy local food on your visit!


Tom J Hoppers Hiroshima said…
And just before lunch. You have given me a huge appetite. I`m off to fill my face after work.

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