We sell Kimono for 1500yen, postcards for 100yen each!

J-hoppers Osaka sell amenities like toothbrushes, shavers.
You can get kimono as well. The price is very cheap : 1500yen for kimono, 1000yen for obi.

Quality is really nice. Beautiful and colorful embroidered kimono and yukata are available now.
They are very popular among ladies, especially.

If you buy them at Kimono shop, the price would be over 10,000yen!

This picture's kimono is called yukata. We wear yukata in summer season or after taking a bath.
Yukata is lighter than kimono, so it is very easy to put on.

This site shows what is kimono and how to wear them :)

In addition, we sell postcards and stamps.
One of our staff make them by himself.
100yen each.
Bamboo postcard is the most popular. It is really nice postcard.

By the way, this is today's photo.
This alcohol comes from Mongolia!  Genghis Khan’s face is on the center... ha ha!

Have you ever tasted????


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