bater exchange

When we find something left behind in J-Hoppers Kyoto Guesthouse, we keep them in our 'lost property box' for three months.
The other day, I tidied things up in that box and realized that there are still a lot of things we can use.

So I put those goods in a small box and decorated a little. We started 'barter exchange' (Bustu-Bustu Kokan in Japanese) at the lobby then.

I always travel with a backpack. And it has to be lighter than what I think I can carry. While I traveled central Asian countries, the season changed summer to winter. I gave my summer cloths away to other traveler who were going to south and got warm cloths from them.
We are now able to bring tons of information in flash memory sticks, and that makes our travel much easier and lighter.
However we human being still have to wear something on and carry them when we travel.
Why don't you exchange the stuff you do not need any more and get something you will need.


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