Local Train Trip!!

Do you know the youthful 18 ticket ?

It is a seasonally available railway ticket which gives you five days of unlimited, nationwide travel on local and rapid JR trains for 11,500 yen or 2,300 yen per day!!

I like traveling by local train because I can enjoy the small town I have never visited.

I just listen to my favorite music, enjoy the view, get off the station and have some local food!!

I recommend this style of travel to the person who has plenty of time.

I took the local train from Takayama to Hokkaido.

It took about 2days though:P

We took 5:30 am train for Tohoku.

There was no guest in the train so my friend laid asleep on the seat.


We went city hall to see the view from the top.

If it is fine weather, you can see peaks of the Tateyama.

We couldn't see though...

We enjoyed craft beer and local sake in the train.

I had Koshihikari beer and Shimehari Tsuru in Nigata,
cidre in Aomori:)

Enjoy the view from the window is one of my favorite things.

I found track No "Zero" at Sakata station.

It was so funny for me.

One of my favorite view was "Komagatake" in Hokkaido.

We stayed in Hakodate for 1 night and went to Mt.Hakodate to see the night view.

It was so beautiful like a jewel box!!

Hakodate is famous for fresh sea food, especially squid.

We tried it, it was still alive!!

Next day we moved to Niseko.

It was kind of end of the season for snowboarding.

But I enjoyed chatting and drinking with friends.

And then I went back to my hometown, Sapporo.

It had great time with my family:)

Why don't you try the youthful 18 ticket ?



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