A Rainy Day in Kyushyuu, Aso and Beppu.

As always, when I have a few days off, it rains

that we would hear the sound of mother nature, kindly helping us tend our vegetables with her ever welcomed beverage, pestering for an
invitational at our window pains. like cats and dogs. So I should not have been the lease bit
surprised when we woke up on the morning to drive 6 hours to Kyushu,
As happy as I was to be taking to the highways, I couldn't help but think that we had a few days or poor visibility and late mornings ahead.

After a mornings work, we raced down to Aso, obeying the speed limits of course, and managed to arrive j

woke. I am cursed for sure!
ust in time to have a few beers with friends after they had just finished work. The weather was very demoralising considering we were hoping to go and see an angry volcano from way up in the clouds the following morning. So we were not the least bit surprised to see a grey mass perched upon Mount Aso the following morning when we a

The hostel was the best consolation we could hope for in the circumstances, with a log fire, great hosts and plenty to keep us entertained whilst out of the rain.

But all in all it was a lovely few days, and it felt great to get out of the grimy city for a few days and refuel my love for wide open spaces and things the colour green.


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