The condition of beauty

The condition of beauty

I watched one really interesting TV show yesterday.
They asked what kind of women do you think beautiful in your country?
to people who from several countries.

Thailand people said women who are white skin are beautiful in Thailand since Thailand is really really hot!!
A woman who is called beautiful in Thailand is this lady!!!
She is actually a new half! But she is really beautiful!

In Cote d'Ivoire, they said fat women are beautiful!They have cream which makes their boobs and butt bigger!!!!!
When I heard it I was really shocked and surprised
since we try to be skinny and go on a diet!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!
And furthermore, they said the wrinkles on a neck is really attractive!!!
OMG I can't believe it either, because we are going to esthetic clinic to not have wrinkles .

Republic of Tadzhikistan people said women who has a monobrow are beautiful!
They try to write their eyebrow connect with Usuma which is grasses like this!

The people from Senega said women who have a gap between their teeth are beautiful.
Italian people said women who have a small nose are attractive!

It's really interesting for me!
I want to ask all of our guest about this!!!!!!


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