Spring Kyoto

Hello from beautiful Spring Kyoto.

Sakura has finally bloom out here. They are absolutely adorable.
Even it was heavy rain last night, the flowers has been tough as strongly beautiful today.
It will last a few more days.

The other day, my old friends came to visit me. Then we went around Kyoto city.
One of my favorite places is "Nanzen-ji Temple".

There is an aqueduct bridge since years.
It looks like somewhere in Europe.

You could walk beside the conduit on the bridge.
It was quite slippery after rain. Please be careful if you go there.

There is a kind of walking trail about 10min' on there.

If you are lucky, there is a man who comes to this place very often ,and take pictures of you
with a great shooting spot. We met him gradely ,and he took some pictures of us.
They were all perfect position with the bridge.

If you go up more on the bridge, there is a small temple.
They provide charms for your luck.

This place is very rare that a man who works there explains about the charm you pick.

He was very old around 70th. 
However, once we started reading the charm, his eyes became serious.
We were a bit scared what he would say though, he explained kindly only in Japanese though...

I would highly recommend to visit there once you come to Kyoto !



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