Inuyama festival.

I went to Inuyama last weekend.

It is a city in the northwestern part of Aichi prefecture,

which belongs to central Japan.

Big map

I was so lucky because they had a festival at the moment.

The highlight of that festival is a parade by 13 floats.

Every float has very gorgeous three layered construction like Takayama festival!!

It was so beautiful, some of cherry blossoms bloomed.

Also, Inuyama is famous for castles.

It is one of four national treasure castles in Japan,

located on the south side of the Kiso River.

And constructed by uncle Nobunaga Oda,

Nobuyasu Oda in 1537.

It was at the very border of Owari (present Aichi pref.)

and Mino (Gifu) and a very important base in wartime,

so that its owner was changed many times by every war.

I recommend this place, it is on the way back to Nagoya from Takayama.


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