Shimanami cycling!!!

Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
It is getting warm and the cherry blossom season has come again this year.

The other day, I went for a bike ride to Shimanami-kaido with mu boyfriend.
The shimanami kaido is an expressway in Japan that connects Onomichi,Hiroshima and Imabari,Ehime, going through nine of the Geiyo islands together, including Oshima,Umashima and Innoshima.
It has a scenic sea view and can be easily crossed with bicycles as well as cars.

We took a highway bus from Hiroshima bus center to Onomichi station.
It cost 1700yen for one way.

There is a rental bicycle place at Onomichi station.
You can hire a bicycle 500yen per day per person.
From Onomichi to Imabari.there are lots of bicycle return places,so you do not need to return the bicycle to the same place where you hire.
(But in this case,you can not to get a 1000yen deposit back.)

On the way to Imabari,we could see lovely view on the all is lands.
Each island is not so big,but as you travel by by bicycle, you feel the atmosphere and the nature as well!

If you are planning to come to Japan and have not decided the plan yet,I definitely recommend you to try the bike ride to Shimanami-kaido!!!!


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