Fun night in Kyoto?

Hi there who are surfing on J-hoppers staff blog.
It has been pretty warm these days here in Kyoto.
All of us are afraid of cleaning the hostel with the humid hot summer coming.
If you see us with a towel on our neck in the hostel, that's us!

On the other hand, we have started a hostel event since last week.

We welcomed new event staff  Isabella-chan, from Hongkong.
She is so good at cooking. Also, she could speak Chinese, Japanese and English fluently.

We are trying to make fun plans for the guests such us cooking together, trying to make something traditional and more.

Last week, we had Takoyaki (octopus pancake balls) and Gyoza(dumpling) party.
It was pretty fun cooking and chatting all together.

If you have no idea what you do, we'll be sure to let you know.

We have some other staff to lead you out.

Left: Cleaning staff Abe-chan Right: Night staff Ao-san
They are also welcome you to join :)

We'll try to have such fun events twice a week.
Please check the event calender on our web site.

We'll update the detail soon!

Let's have fun together !


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