Smoked Cheese!!!!

Hi there!!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima .

Since I went to the restaurant where they serve smoked food,I have been interested  to smoked.

That's why I finally got a special smoked pot!!!
It is a bit small,but I can use it at the kitchen.How useful:-)

As soon as I got it,I run to supermarket to get some food to smoke!
I got some cheese and sausages as  a starter.Because,both these food are no need to season and dry.

1,place some smoke chip on the smoker and put some cheese on the top.

2,hear the pan on a stove burner until smoking hot.
3,put the lid on and smoke around 5 minutes.
4,remove from the heat and wait 15 minutes to smoke.

Here it is! looks delicious,doesn't it???

It took just 2o minutes to smoke!How easy and so tastyyyyy:-)

I bought this smoker pan by mail order.It cost 5000yen.
T think I made a great purchase .

If your are interested,let me know!!!
I will try to smokes salmon and bacon next time:-) Can't waitttt!!!


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