Enjoy the nature.


It is a nice season for hiking, isn't it?
I went to "Utue 48 waterfalls" in Kokufu.

JR Kokufu is just two stations from JR Takayama station.
 There is free shuttle bus to the onsen called "Yuyu-kan"

You can also go to the waterfalls by same shuttle bus.


It was the best timing to see the Japanese primrose.
(You can see them around 20 of June)

200 yen for the entrance fee, but you can get 100 yen discount for Yuyu-kan (Onsen).
This flower park is pretty famous, because they were on the national newspaper.

A lot of people were there from all over Japan!!
 Here you can also enjoy hiking!!

 If you go there by car, there is a parking.
The entrance fee 200 yen for the waterfalls, if you show this ticket
to the staff of Yuyu-kan, you can get 100 yen discount for Onsen also.

It was so beautiful!!
It takes about 1hour - 1and half hour for round trip.

You need to walk to Yuyu-kan for taking shuttle bus though.
(About 20 min)

I recommend there after walking:)

It was just 4 hours stay, but I could flower garden, waterfalls and Onsen!!

I recommend this half day trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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