Hi there!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima gusthouse.
Are you enjoying travering in Japan?Or Are you,by any chance,thinking to travel to Japan??

Usually,June and July,it is as  known as Rainy season in Japan.
But it doesn't rain whole month.Please don't be depressed!!

If you are traveling in Japan now.I definetally reccomend you to watch the baseball game at the studium!!

It was nice and sunny today.That's why I went to the stadium with my friend.
They lost the last game yesterday.So I really wanted Carp to win the game.

Grab some snacks and beer at the grocery supermarket in JR Hiroshima station.
And now, it's time to cheer up!!

(To get a ticket,you don't need to book a seat in advance.Of cause,you can book a seat via internet.
However,I always get a ticket at the studium on the day.so you don't need to book it in advance,but except some popular games!!Non-reserved seat:1600yen~ :-)

It was sunny day this evening.so There were lots of people there today.
In the first inning, Bay stars scored a run.And in the second inning,Carp scored two runs!!!!
After that until in the 9 inning,Both team didn't get any scored.
So Hiroshima Carp won the game!!!!YES!!!!!

It seems it's a bit hard to get a feel of how fun the baseball game is.
So if you have a chance to visit Hiroshima,Please go to the studium!

The teams will play league games during the baseball season from April to October.
You shouldn't miss the chance!!

Hiroshima Mazda studium is just right there!!Let's watch a baseball game together!!


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