Ko Iwashi Fishing

I love going fishing. And even though these little silver fellows do not put up much of a fight, Ko Iwashi fishing is so much fun. If you leave the fishing hooks in the water, you can catch 6 at a time. And then you have to try and pick them all up off the floor when they are wriggling around. It can be great fun for kids old and young.

Also they are great to eat. Tempura or poached in ginger and soy, with some sugar. You can also eat them as sashimi.there are so many ways to cook and eat them. Its just a shame that they only come around for a few weeks just before the summer. So now is the time. I have a secret spot which normally brings home around 50 for an hours work, But I will have to keep it to myself as its quite a small location.  ;0)

Also look out for Aji (Horse Mackerel). They can be found in amongst the Iwashi looking for a snack. It can come as a shock when one takes your lure so stay on your toes, they are quite genki. 
But the main thing about fishing is to get out the house, and relax with yourself, away from all the busy city life. Fishing will relieve stress and maybe fill up your belly with fresh seafood.


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