Yoro waterfalls

Hello,Everyone. I went to Yoro waterfall with Ayuayu last week.

Yoro waterfall is located in the town of Yoro ,Gifu (About 2 and half hours from Takayama by car)

The waterfall is 32 meters high and 4 meters wide.  The waterfalls is listed of the One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan.

Yoro waterfall
Morning glory

 There are 3 waterfalls listed of the One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan besides the waterfall in Gifu prefecture.
1:Neo no taki(Gero city) ,2:Hirayu Otaki(Takayama city),3:Amida ga taki(Gujyo city)

Actually there are lots of waterfalls in Gifu specially in Takayama such as Utue 48 waterfalls
,Okura taki

You should come to Takayama if you like waterwalls.


Anonymous said…
Breath taking view. I heard there is waterfall in Osaka as well... Mino park?

I'm thinking of going there :)

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