I went to yoga class last week.

I started yoga when I was in Australia.
I feel calm and relaxed every time after I do yoga.
I really like it.

And also I visited Rishikesh where is a holly place for yoga when I traveled in India.

The beatles stayed in the place for yoga training too.

This is the place the beatles stayed!!

 I stayed in ashram which is yoga dojo for 5 days.

It was only 200 yen for an accommodation and lessons.
It's quite cheep!!

I did meditation for 1 hour in the morning and had yoga class twice a day and ate vegetarian meal.

There are many kinds of vegetarian curry.
It was really tasty and I could eat it everyday!!

Yoga is effective not only for your health but also your mental.

I highly recommend to visit there and try yoga when you travel India☆


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