Neighborhood Map!!!!!

Hi there !! This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

I guess if you have been to J-Hoppers Hiroshima before,it's easy to imagine...
Our hostel is located near Hiroshima Peace Park,but not in downtown area.
(But it's just  minutes from the hostel to Peace park)

Our hostel is located in Toaichi and Dobashi area.
It's less well-known yet,but there are lots of shops,cafes,bar and restaurant in the area!!

We would like everyone to know about the town,we made a new neighborhood map this month!!yeah!!!!

It says only in Japanese ,,,but the map and this design is so nice and cool.
We hope one could guess how this shop like easily from this MAP.

We are going to hand out this MAP at the information center and another shops or restaurant,so if you have a chance,please take it and have a look!!

Why don't you explore Dobashi and Tokaichi area  during you stay at J-Hoppers Hiroshima?


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