Trip to Seto Inland Sea - Naoshima

Hello there!
This is Masa from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

I had a trip to Seto Inland Sea the other day.
I visited two amazing islands, Naoshima and Teshima on this trip. These islands are known as 'Art islands' and you can find so many artworks everywhere. I had such a great time there, so let me share some photos and my story.

On the first day, we took ferry from Uno port in Okayama and after a 20-minute ferry ride, I could see the modern ferry terminal in Naoshima.

And Yayoi Kusama's artwork - Red Pumpkin.

From the ferry terminal, we took a bus to our accommodation of the night, Tsutsuji-So.
We stayed in a Mongolian style tent called Pao!

And there was a beautiful beach just in front of the Pao.

There was another Yayoi Kusama's famous artwork at the end of the beach - Yellow Pumpkin.

After chilling out at the beach for a while, we went to the Chichu Art Museum.
It was too bad we were not allowed to take photos in the museum, but it was AMAZING!!! It exists as part of and ongoing initiative to "rethink the relationship between nature and people." The artists used the sky, the natural light and the scenery for their artworks, so the appearance change with the passage of the day and the season. Such wonderful artworks.

I am actually not a museum person, but I really, really loved the museum and will definitely come back again!

If you are also not a museum person or do not want to visit art galleries, you still can enjoy exploring. It is such a beautiful and peaceful island. :)

Most of the shops and restaurants are closed early but we found a very nice restaurant "Nakaoku."

The restaurant is like an traditional Japanese house and they serve delicious meals with local fresh ingredients. I was very happy to find this place and had a very relaxing night.

We went to Teshima the another art island on the second day.
I will write about it on my next blog :)


David @ Ogijima said…
Glad you liked Naoshima.
Can't wait to read about Teshima, it's one of my favorite islands in the area.

Sara Jones21 said…
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