Trip to Seto Inland Sea - Teshima

My last blog post was about Naoshima, and I visited the other art island called "Teshima" and would like to write about it this time.

To Teshima from Naoshima, I took a boat from Honmura port and it takes about 20 minutes. There are 2 ferry port on Naoshima and you can take a ferry from Miyaura ferry terminal. (Honmura ferry port is very small and there is only one boat services to Teshima a day)

I only had 4 hours on the island, so I rented a bike as soon as I arrived and headed to Teshima Art Museum.

Biking on the peaceful island was really nice, I felt like I was back in my childhood. It's very hilly there, but all the rental bikes are electric bicycles so it's easy to go up and down.

After a 30-minute bike ride, we arrived Teshima Art Museum.
Shaped like a drop of water, the museum lies in a corner of the spacious grounds surrounded by once-fallow rice terraces that have been restored with help from local residents.

I would never forget the feeling when I stepped into the museum. Such a shocking moment. The museum was a magical place.

There were no walls, no windows, no electric lights - just a big and wide white space.
Only oval openings which have no glass and are strategically positioned in a narrow sheet of cement, which look to the sky and into the ocean, allowing the entry of wind, rain and birds. Inside one finds an ever-flowing fountains and an ambiance that changes from hour to hour and season to season, revealing countless appearances as time passes.

Everything about this museum is connected with nature.
It was an amazing art work.

I will definitely come back again!!!

--- The cafe and shop space of Teshima Art Museum ---



David @ Ogijima said…
The Teshima Art Museum is definitely one of the most magical building on Earth.

Did you get to see anything else on Teshima?

(Also if I may, you made a small mistake. On Naoshima, the village where the ferry terminal is, is Miyanoura, not Miyaura :-) ).

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