Art island "Naoshima"

There are some "Art islands" in Seto inland sea.
I visited one of them  last month.

The guest who have visited in Naoshima told me about  it and she said that Naoshima is fantastic island and she saw many artworks there.

I didn't know about Naoshima till then but she made me wanna go there.

I had never seen contemporary arts before I visited Naoshima but I really liked it.

Especially I liked the one created by James Turrell from Chichu art museum.
He presents light in itself as art.

I cannot explain well what it was like but it is absolutely amazing!!

If you are tired of seeing temples and castles, I definitely recommend you to visit there.


David @ Shikoku said…
Naoshima is definitely a wonderful place. However, I also advise to not overlook the other islands in the area, especially Teshima and Ogijima

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