Mt norikura

 I went to Mt Norikura with our guests this month.

The weather was ok.

Kengamine(3025m) is the tallest point in Mount Norikura

Access(Bus) About 90minutes →Takayama →Honoki ski resort →Mt Norikura 

Bus to the mountain goes up to 2700m.So it means you do not need to walk a lot.

There are several mountains which are easy to hike.

For example if you go to the Kengamine,it takes only 90mintes to get from bus stop.

If you like hiking and do not like crowded place, I recommend this mountain to you

Mt Norikur → Mt Norikura

                                              Sunny day
View fromTop of the Mountain

                              one of lakes

                                        Mt   kengamine peak (3026m)



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