After Tottori, I went to Shimane.
The purpose of this travel is to have Izumo soba.
(It is the name of the soba in Shimane)


I had it after visit Izumo Taisha.
It is one of the most ancient and important shrines in Japan.

There was the paper how to have Izumo soba.

I enjoyed beautiful sunset at Shimane Art Museum.
Luckily, I had chance to see fireworks and Dojo-sukui.
(It is traditional dance around here!!)

Shimane town has a lot of places for good luck and marriage.

I also went to Tamatsukuri onsen to visit Tamatsukuriyu shrine.
I've heard there is the stone that has strong power.
I felt it when I touched.

I didn't expect Shimane at all, but it was great place!!!
There are many places I have never been in Japan.


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