Slight mistake at my friends wedding.

Two of my good friends from Tokyo were married in September, and myself and a friend from Osaka were invited. We decided to meet there in Kamakura and make our way to the Shrine to see the service.

My trains were slightly delayed at the Hiroshima end so I arrived about 20 mins late for my meeting. So after I have changed into something tidier, we made our way from the station the main shrine.

As we arrive, we were shocked to see everyone lined up and heading into the Shrine. We were not sure what was happening, so we just joined onto the end of the line.


It was not until about half way through the service that we realised that we were sat with the family and all the friends were standing outside taking pictures. Wooops.


After seeing all the families in person at the dinner afterwards, we apologised and were forgiven. Phew.


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