Drying persimmon (Kaki) Picked In Hiroshima

On my birthday in Hiroshima, I helped my Japanese Mum and Dad hang Persimmon fruit on to ropes for drying. First of all we picked about 200, then we had to get them ready for peeling. When we hang the fruits on the rope, we need to leave a piece of twig still attached so they stay secure on the rope.

When peeling, always leave a small ring of peel at the tip of the fruit to stop it splitting whence it dries. Beware!! Do not, as I did, try some of the peel. It will make your mouth go drier than Gandhi's flipflop. Not a very pleasant experience at all. But It made my family laugh so it was worth it.

 After dropping into a pan of boiling water for 5 seconds, we hang the fruits on the rope so they will not touch when they are hanging out to dry. Then we let nature take its course. After a few weeks, we have lovely dried (Kaki) persimmon which we can eat straight away or put in the freezer to store for the entire year. Goood Joooob


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