High Tech SUSHI-go-round !

We know one thing you want to try in Japan is SUSHI-go-round !
We have High Tech chain restaurant (Of course!) which name is KULA SUSHI.

Rounded sushi are covered by plastic capsules to keep them fresh and hygienic.
ALL SUSHI are 100yen! That's good deal!


When you can't find something you want on the conveyor, you order by the touch panel.
The touch panel let you know by beeping when arrives the sushi you ordered. 

They also have draft beer machine. This is super Tech, isn't it? 

Do you know what happen when you return the used dish to the hole in front of you?

Every 5 dish, a game starts in your panel!!!

If you won, you can get a capsule.

The buttons were inside of the capsule in this time. 
He is a character of KULA SUSHI (Of course!) who looks like samurai.

The nearest KULA SUSHI from J-Hoppers Kyoto is 15min by bicycle!


tamtam said…
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Krizz said…
Is any station near that kula sushi???
krizz said…
Where can i find a Kula sushi in Osaka??? :)
Shin said…
There are many Kula sushi in Osaka. This one is close to Namba station.


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