KUMANO FUDE ~Hiroshima souvenir~

 A popular Hiroshima souvenir is Momiji  manju, which originated in Miyajima.
  Today,i will tell you one more our recommendation's  souvenir "KUMANO FUDE".
They can become a good souvenir of "Japanese Culture" for overseas friends:)

These traditional handcrafted brushes were made in Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture.
It became popular because it was presented Nadeshiko Japan, the women's national soccer team with Japan's National Honorary Award winners.Kumano Fude were designated as “traditional crafts” by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on May 10th in 1975.

 The Fude making of Kumano had started around 1830 at the end of Edo period, and the tradition has been continuing for almost 170 years.
 Especially, Kumano-fude for make up has attracted any make -up artists from around the world.
 I gave it  to one of my friends in the past,the friend was to be pleased:) but It was a bit expensive....

You can buy it  anywhere in Hiroshima, Hiroshima station,Miyajima Island,department store.If you are interested in ,feel free to ask us at reception♪


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