We are not sisters !

I really enjoy working at Osaka Hana Hostel, it's great to welcome guests from all over the world and communicating with them is fun!

We get many questions and enquiries regards Tourist spots in Osaka , Shopping Place, Restaurant information and Facility information etc.

However,  we are getting frequent questions like these:

’You do not have any day off!!’

’Do you work with your sister?’

‘Are you sisters?‘

 A lot of guests think that Reception staff Masae and myself are sisters or sometime they even get confused that Masae is me and I am Masae....

for example, let's say I attended Mr T. check in last night,  and this morning  Mr T. comes to the reception and continues his conversation with Masae as she helped him check in ...

Yes, we are smiler in a sense of glasses and short hair.... but feature of our face is not so smiler.... 

Do you think we are sisters??

 Left is Lovely Masae, Right is myself Hideko !


waruida said…
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waruida said…
Never forget Hayateru san

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