Israeli food

Which country's food do you like?
I like Thai food, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Korean and of course Japanese food.
The food is very important when you travel to other countries.
I can eat anything and I like trying something new even bugs!!(I tried them in Thailand)

One of my favorite food is falafel from Israel.
falafel is small croquette of mashed chick peas or fava beans seasoned with seeds.
I often ate that and kebab when I traveled to Israel.
It was really yummy!:)


kebab plate

My coworker Meg told me that there was an Israeli restaurant in Kyoto.
I went there last week with my friend who has been to Israel together.

The restaurant has a small lovely garden court inside and room is decorated with pictures of Israel.
The food does not taste exactly same as a local one but still great!
It has become my favorite!

We had a really good time talking about our travel.

Now we are looking for a Jordanian restaurant.
If you find one, let me know:)

The view from the Kamo River


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