Techniques to book a room when it is full :)

Today, I write techniques to book a room when it is full :)

Have you ever tried to book a room and refused? Because they are full.
Do you give up?  Or do you wait for a chance putting your name on the waiting list  ?

If you wanna wait , I advise you to do these 3 things as shown below.
These will help you to catch more chance!

First, contact receptions several times.

If you do this, staff know your situation more and more.
If cancellation happens, they might give you it earlier than others.
Communication is very important.

Second, wait for bed or room with less people and dates.

For example,  4 people wait for 3 nights cancellation....
Do you think they can get space easily ?
In fact, it is really difficult.

Almost all hotels have many single (dormitory) and twin rooms.
Therefore, you should wait for these rooms.

And only a few people stay long.
This means you should wait for 1 night or 2 night cancellation as much as possible.

I advise you to put your name on each days.
Then we can contact you even if 1night cancellation happens.

Third, Catch our contact and reply us soon.

We contact you when the cancellation happens and eventually you get a chance to stay!
Unfortunately some of you do not reply us soon.

We afraid you do not need this and ignore us.
Then we give this change to next waiting guets.

If you strongly need beds or rooms, please check our contact everyday.
Otherwise you miss your chance.

These 3 techniques are very easy but important.
Be patient and believe yourself.

Thank you so much.


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